There is no set schedule for watering your tree. Every tree is unique and will have a different rate of consumption. Here are a few examples. The more foliage the more water it will consume. The smaller the pot the less capacity to store water. The more sunlight and external temperature the more water needed. So, don’t follow a schedule, after a little time you will be able to read your tree’s needs. Don’t water your tree when the soil is wet, but don’t wait until it is completely dry to water either. The tree grows its best in this state of not to wet not to dry. You can use your finger to test the soil. Place your finger in the corner of the pot, slightly dig in and feel the moisture. For a more scientific method you could use a moisture meter, but after a couple of weeks you’ll be able to read your tree just fine.

It is best to water in the morning, but it is more important to water when needed. Room temperature rain water works the best, followed by tap water. If you have a water softener you should consider using spring water. The salt from the softener will build up overtime and eventually kill your tree.

           Water until the water runs out of the drainage holes. On indoor trees you can submerse the pot in the sink and wait until it stops bubbling.  

    “Water is the driving force of all Nature.” Leonardo da Vinci  

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