Repotting & Root Pruning

In order to maintain the health and vigor of your bonsai tree it will need repotted every 2 to 5 years, depending on the species of tree and the rate of growth. This process is usually carried out early spring or late fall. We do not do any re-potting during the winter months. Winter is usually mid November to late February. We also do not recommend re-potting a sick or weak tree.

Schedule a time and we will evaluate your tree and suggest the best course of action.  

Outdoor Tree Repotting Fees

Tropical Tree Repotting Fees

                            Trees up to 18″: $40.00

                            Trees 19″ to 26″: $50.00

                            Trees 27″ to 33″: $65.00

                            Trees 34″ to 40″: $80.00

                            Tress over 40″: $140.00

 Trees up to 15″: $20.00

                                             Trees 16″ t0 24″: 30.00

                                             Trees 25″ to 35″: $60.00

                                             Trees over 36″: $120.00 


Measurements: The size of the tree is measured from the base of the tree to the top or the width of the tree, whichever is larger.

Note: We encourage at least a one week stay in our nursery after repotting to ensure proper results.

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