Bonsai, translated means planted in a tray. Its beginnings can be traced back to around the 6th century. Chinese monks are said to have created potted landscapes called Penjing. This was in an effort to bring the beauty of nature indoors. To achieve a higher state of Zen, to balance and steady the mind. It is only natural that visiting Japanese Buddhist students would return to Japan with a few of these plantings. The Japanese embraced this art form, setting their focus on the tree itself. It is said that the samurai warriors, used bonsai to escape from the stress of battle. Sometime around 1850, Japan opened its borders to trade with the rest of the world. Westerners were captivated by these tiny trees. And so began the trip west.

I credit Mr. Miyagi for popularizing bonsai in the States. In every show we have been to, at least one person has mentioned Mr. Miyagi’s trees. No matter how it started, there is a calming effect when caring for your trees. Some say they are tortured, but the exact opposite is true. Bonsai’s are probably the most pampered trees on the planet.
We suggest that you embrace this art. Every tree has a story to tell. It is up to you to convey this story to the viewer. So create your masterpiece and pass it down. Start your legacy today.   

“Close your eyes, concentrate, think only tree.” Mr. Miyagi

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