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The seed for Fat Cat Bonsai was sown many years ago. As a child, I was captivated by a bonsai tree of my grandmothers. It was a work of art. The movement of the trunk, the foliage pads, and the gravel so neatly laying at its base. My thoughts would take me to exotic lands, fighting dragons, practicing Ninja skills, and freeing royalty from the chains of a horrible ogre. Her only instructions to my brother and me were to never touch it. She said the oil from our skin would cause the leaves to wither and die. She would occasionally wield her scissors to keep it in check. It was always perfect. Later in life I learned that it was artificial, just a game to occupy the mind of a child. Then one day, while walking through a nursery, out of the corner of my eye, I spied what looked like that exact tree of my grandmothers. From there, one tree lead to another and another. My neighbor noticed this growing collection of trees and inquired. His inquisitiveness lead to his own collection. We became students of Mr. Jim Doyle at Nature’s Way Nursery. At this point, we decided to join forces and sell off our smaller trees to make way for some bigger trees. We started going to flea markets, craft shows, art festivals and the occasional yard sale to pedal our trees. We joined the Susquehanna Bonsai Club, and are now board members. So, the next logical progression was the creation of this web site. Every day is a new learning experience. Who knows what paths will open before us?
 Thanks to all who have helped us get this far. Please, if you have any suggestions or questions please let us know. 


“Generally, I always try to make the best bonsai out of whatever material I start with, but I may find something wrong with my work three days, one week, or a year later, but I always try to keep improving it.” Masahiro Kimura

Direct From the Nursery

When you buy a bonsai from a box store, it probably spends an average of four weeks traveling from a greenhouse to a drafty warehouse on a hot or cold truck. Then, it’s shipped to a store where it likely isn’t getting the water, light, or care it needs to thrive. With Fat Cat Bonsai, our trees are cared for by tree experts and kept in optimal conditions at our nursery where they’re shipped directly to you. So instead of your plant spending 4 weeks in an uncontrolled environment, it spends 3-4 days going from our nursery to your front door. This means your plant arrives healthy and already thriving. 


Shipped to Your Door

Our plants are shipped with care and experience. We’ve learned how to keep plants at the right temperature, protect their roots, and keep them healthy while they travel from our nursery to your home. Our innovative packaging holds the plant and pot securely in place, preventing damage and decreasing soil spillage. All plants will be healthy, undamaged, and ready for you to enjoy.

Shipping Restrictions
We do not ship to P.O., FPO or APO boxes.
     We do not ship international, continental US only.
     We cannot ship live trees to California.
     To guarantee your tree arrives healthy we only ship on Mondays or Tuesdays.
     We will not ship if there is a chance of severe weather.
     We will only ship a healthy tree. We will provide a picture of your tree prior to shipping.
     If your tree arrives damaged, please send us pictures, so we can choose the best course of action.

     Bonsai trees are not house plants and do require special attention. We are not responsible for health and welfare of your tree once it leaves the nursery. If you have questions, please ask before purchase. We will guide you the best that we can. We will only guarantee our trees for 10 days after delivery.

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